Finding the Right Ratio

I was overtaken by an amazing revelation when I woke today.  This is what happy is suppose to feel like. Sometimes I get too caught up in the “doing” part of life.   I get too busy to feed the parts of my brain that need to be fed something other than mandatory continuing education […]


The Lawn

I have to admit it.  I wanted the lawn.  I wanted pretty, uniform cut, dark green grass surrounding our home.  It was going to cut down on the dust, the heat and all the work we put into weed control around here.  It was going to be a place for the dogs, kids and even […]


The Harsh Reality

The harsh reality is that my adult coping mechanisms do not engage until noon.  I have given this 4 in the morning crap my best shot and I am not winning the battle.  I might be able to fake my way through a 6AM wake up call a few days a week and manage it […]