From a high paced emergency room to a country farm where anything that can go wrong, usually does - there is a sweet spot of balance where family and friends blend together to enjoy some of life's best moments. This is where I share those moments.

Balancing Act

As time disappears into nothing more than brief flashbacks, I find myself wondering where the heck this summer has gone – and then it comes to me…  I’ve spent most of my summer trying either to be asleep or awake, neither of which has been much of a success.  Nightshift.  Extra shifts.  It’s not that […]



It turns out I’m not very good at blogging…  I think it may have been all of the time I spent on FarmVille.  I’m cutting back on that.  I’m experiencing some withdrawal but I’ve promised myself not to plant any crops until my real garden is planted.  I tried to convince Jeff that we ought […]


Beautiful Day!

Awe, man! Today is a reminder that summer is on its way – and one of those days that I wish I didn’t have to work… There’s not a cloud in the sky, no gale force winds to contend with and temperatures are in the high sixties. The chickens have done very well free-ranging in […]


Spring Improvements

The chickens are free ranging and the dogs are not, I think we only have 1 cow left to calve this year and a friend is finishing my much desired garden boxes.  As much work as our lives can be at times, this is what makes it all worth it.  A ray of sunshine, two baskets of […]


Learning to Blog

Inspired by a recent late night chick flick and the sad reality that technology has passed my comfort zone, I have decided to take on the blogging challenge. This is where you will learn that I can not spell, I spend too much time alone and that I learn everything I do from a book, […]